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Mother's Memorial

Mothers Memorial is the annual offering campaign of Ladies Ministries and it begins on March 1. Mothers Memorial supports numerous ministries of the UPCI with a special focus on North American Missions and Global Missions.


In the last 15 years, over $5,000,000 has been given to foreign student support, resulting in training thousands of men and women in Global Missions.


The past few years there has been a focus on funding North American Missions:

  • Missionary training

  • Emergency finances

  • Prison ministries

  • Multicultural Ministries


When you give to Mothers Memorial, your dollars touch unborn babies as well as abused and abandoned children around the world.

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Alabama Mother's Memorial Scholarships

 Alabama Ladies Ministries provides the following scholarships:

Four $250 scholarships are available each year for Alabama students participating in Apostolic Youth Corp trips.


Two $500 scholarship are available each semester for Alabama adult Purpose Institute students.

*Applicants must live in Alabama and attend a United Pentecostal Church.

*Application and references must be  submitted by stated deadlines.

Apply below:

Today's Christian Girl 
State Director: 
Michele Penton
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