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Teri Bertram

State President

Michele Penton

State Secretary 

Teri Bertram has ministered along side her husband, Todd as Pastors wife of "The Sanctuary Apostolic Pentecostal Church" in Bessemer, Alabama for 24 years. She has had the privilege of serving The Alabama District for the past 14 years as Ladies Ministries President for 8 years and Secretary for 6 years. She is mother to one daughter, Amber and her husband Tim, one son Kyle, and his wife Stacey. She is "NANA" to 5 of the most precious boys in the world, Rylan, Corrigan, Chandler, Chantry, and Christian! Besides her passion of "ministering to others" Teri enjoys crafts, flower arranging, sewing, Pinterest and Audiobooks.

Michele Penton, pastor's wife at LifeGate in Madison,AL is married to Kendall Penton and mom to Kolby (Kaylan); Cameron (Claire) and Kyla.  Church planter, teacher, music director, and school administrator, her favorite title is Geema to her two grandsons, Koen and Kayden.

Michele has served the district as Section 2 ladies leader and for the last 8 years, as Ladies Ministry Secretary.   Her favorite days are curling up with a good book and cup of coffee or hot tea on a rainy day or spending time with her two sweet grandsons.  She is always up for a trip, but always glad to come home, too.  She is passionate about Christ, Bible Studies and and especially Today's Christian Girl.

Chantelle Rogers

Section 1 Leader

Chantelle Brian Rogers represents the ladies of Section 1 of the Alabama District UPCI in the Northwest corner of Alabama. Chantelle is the “much better half” of Kenneth Rogers, pastor of Calvary Tabernacle in Moulton, AL. She is an amazing mother of four children: Madeline, Macey, Kent, and Jackson. Chantelle is an accomplished singer, an anointed worship leader, a successful entrepreneur, and a nationally awarded speaker. She is passionate about growing the Kingdom of God and encouraging others to remain faithful in their walks with God. The theme of her ministry is to help others find and maintain their Joy in living for the Lord. (Submitted by her husband, Kenneth Rogers)

Mary Sherrill

Section 2 Leader

Mary Sherrill is married to Derek Sherrill, pastor of New Life Church in Arab, AL. They have two children, AnDrew and Matthew.  Matthew is married to Moriah Sherrill, and they assist as youth ministers at New Life.  Sis. Sherrill is very active helping in the ministry at New Life Church through music, counseling, and administering over the Life House Deliverance Center for Women, a rehab facility started by their church.  In addition, she works diligently as a kindergarten teacher at Union Hill School in Morgan County. Sis. Sherrill enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

Rebekah Pearson

Section 3 Leader

Rebekah Pearson,  born Sept 6, 1956 in Jefferson, Texas.  She moved to Arkansas in 1958. She is 3rd generation Pentecostal.  Her parents loved church and helped build churches all her life. She met her husband in  Crossett, Arkansas, married and attended church there. They moved to Alabama to take a small church in Vernon in 1993. Still serving and loving the work there today.

Pam Roberts

Section 4 Leader

Pam Roberts is married to Tony Roberts.  They have three children and three grandchildren.  They pastor Abundant Life Church in Alabaster, Alabama, a church they planted in 2006.  She has been the Ladies Ministries Leader in Section 4 of the Alabama District for several years and is a member of the Alabama Ladies Conference committee.

Brandie Briceno

Section 5 Leader

Brandie Briceno grew up in Alabama. She married her husband, Jaime, over twenty years ago and now they have four wonderful children. Her husband pastors in Prattville at Primera Iglesia Pentecostal. She has been homeschooling for sixteen years. 

She loves to be outdoors, read, and spend time with family. 

Julia Wallace

Section 6 Leader

Julia Wallace is pastor’s wife at 2.42 Church in Montgomery, AL. She and her husband, John-Paul, have two children recently graduated from Urshan College. Julia also serves as music minister for her church and runs her own online boutique. She also loves to sew and read. She loves to be outdoors, read, and spend time with family. 

Jenika Sims

Section 7 Leader

Jenika Sims was born and raised in the small town of Foley, Alabama, where she met her husband of 23 years. She has many titles or roles she plays. She's a mommy to five, a pastor's wife of Faith Tabernacle and her newest title being a “honey” of 2 grand babies. "We have been so very blessed and I love this life, I love this walk with God and thankful for his many blessings!"

Melinda Freeman

Section 8 Leader

Melinda Freeman, along with her husband Darryl, have been a part of the Alabama District UPCI for over 28 years. They planted a church in Greenville, Alabama in January 2007. Together they serve the Kingdom of God in teaching, ministering, and building lives. They have a daughter, Amberlin & Ray Salas, and a son, Andrew & Hallie Freeman and 2 beautiful grandchildren, Analia & Olivia.

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